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Larry and Jeff are going nowhere…

Unfortunately they know it. Working at a satellite for an India-based technology firm, they have little going for themselves except for each other, and that’s not saying much. Well, there’s Katy, their eager intern who seems to love working with them – which is a little strange.

But things are quickly changing, and they soon realize that no matter how hard they try to pretend they don’t have to grow up, life is going to kick them in the butt anyway.

On Hold consists of two eight-episode seasons, and was created by filmmakers Craig Kuehne and John Parenteau. John and Craig co-write the series, and direct alternate episodes.  John is also the series cinematographer.

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Larry finds himself without a home, and Jeff tries to help.

Season 1

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Episode 1 – The End
Episode 2 – The Internship
Episode 3 – The Call
Episode 4 – The Meeting
Episode 5 – The Date
Episode 6 – The Setup
Episode 7 – The E-Mails
Episode 8 – The Beginning

Season 2

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Episode 1 – The Pickup
Episode 2 – The Warehouse
Episode 3 – The New Mom
Episode 4 – The Exchange
Episode 5 – The Reveal
Episode 6 – The Sting
Episode 7 – The Escape
Episode 8 – The Goodbye

meet the filmmakers

Craig Kuehne

Craig began his filmmaking career in high school, making movies with friends and learning the process of editing and directing by simply doing. His early film series, “It Came From the Trash Bin” was, if anything, proof that he had the creativity and drive to produce unique content. It wasn’t until 1989, while attending California Lutheran University, that he realized that telling stories was something he could do as a career.

Craig has produced and directed a wide range of short film projects, some as short as 5 seconds long, all with his unique ability to show the humorous side of life through his characters. In contrast, Craig also works as a senior visual effects artist, and can boast credits such as “Westworld” and “Game of Thrones.”

John FK Parenteau

John’s love, first and foremost, is storytelling. From his early days writing for the school creative journals, through his work as a development producer on feature film properties, he has always put story and character first. A student of Syd Field’s screenwriting techniques while at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema/Television, John loves crafting a story with rich and compelling characters in all genres, from comedy to science fiction.

Throughout his career, John has worked in all aspects of motion picture production, from cinematography and producing, through visual effects supervision and development, and has found a passion in collaborating with other artists, as well as defining his own voice as a filmmaker and producer.

meet the actors

Paul Vaillancourt

Paul Vaillancourt is a writer, actor, director, producer and most of all improvisor who has been making stuff up for nearly 20 years. He is a graduate of the Comedy Sportz Training Program in Virginia, the Second City Training Center in Chicago as well as the legendary Improv Olympic in Chicago where he had the rare opportunity to study under the legendary Del Close. After his group, Bitter Noah, was selected to perform their signature piece, the Improvised Movie, at the US Comedy Arts festival Paul moved to Los Angeles and founded the iO West where he has been teaching, directing and performing (both written and improvised shows) ever since. During his time in Hollywood Paul has become a sought after improv coach, producer and consultant.

Jimmy Blakeney

A Dallas native, Jimmy has been living in Hollywood since 2001. His career has been equal parts national commercials (Volkswagen, Tide, Snickers, ESPN, and AT&T, to name a few), combined with a variety of narrative projects, from web shorts through feature films.

Most of all, Jimmy loves making people laugh, which defines his passion for acting.

Oh, and the money. But that’s after the laughing part.

Brittney Bertier

Brittney Bertier is a Massachusetts native, and holds a BFA from The Hartt School, where she graduated with honors from the prestigious Music Theatre program. After moving to New York City, she quickly found work Off-Broadway before joining The National Tour of Seussical. She has played such notable roles as Eliza Doolittle (Sierra Repertory Theatre). She debuted her original music at the legendary Birdland Jazz Club, and is an original cast member of King of the Road: The Roger Miller Story, which premiered at Laguna Playhouse in spring of 2017.

Bertier resides in LA where she has found success in independent film and television, and driving a stick shift pick up truck, respectively. She is most well known for her comedic chops and girl next door likability.

Stories & Insights

On Hold: Making an indie web series (This article is a re-print of a blog post on www.postPerspective.com.) By John Parenteau On Hold is an eight-episode web series, created and co-written by myself and Craig Kuehne, about a couple of guys working at a satellite company for an India-based technology firm. They have little going[...]

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