Grace visits the office while Larry and Katy give Jeff a gift to help him unleash his anger. Larry relays what he learned on his stakeout about Jeff’s wife.

cast & crew

Directed by Craig Kuehne
Written by John FK Parenteau & Craig Kuehne
Cinematography by John FK Parenteau
Produced by John FK Parenteau & Craig Kuehne
Co-Producer Maggie Jones-Parenteau
Jeff Jimmy Blakeney
Larry Paul Vaillancourt
Katy Brittney Bertier
Grace Elliot Kuehne
Boom Operator Justin Schroeder
Set PAs Tallal Dahar
Shanti Ramsey
Original Theme Brittney Bertier
Music by Jajuni Production
Special Thanks:
Martin Bradley
Richard Buchalter – California Kettle Corn
Matthew Merkovitch

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